Tradelines are an amazing way to build and boost your credit score fast. It takes a miracle of coordination for an authorized user posting to take place however the most common reasons we see why tradeline postings get delayed and/or do not report are listed below:



1) Fraud alerts need to be removed from all three credit bureaus


2) Address not updated in credit monitoring service (to match the tradeline)


3) Cardholder did not get client added on time (at least a couple days before the statement date)


4) The bank has not yet reported the tradelines (delay at bank due to holidays and staffing)


5) Delay at credit bureaus due to staffing and holidays


6) The particular tradeline doesn’t report for AU’s


7) SSN or DOB incorrect and/or name spelled incorrect (one digit or letter off can cause an issue with a posting)


8) Some banks report on the second billing cycle, hence the delay


9) You purchased from someone who works out of the back seat of their car (AKA “trunk tradelines” or your cousin’s best friend’s mom’s boyfriend…)



Tradelines are one of the least understood aspects of credit reports. As you can see, there are a number of things to keep in mind while you are getting tradelines added to your credit report.



We are phenomenal at selecting the right tradelines to attack the weaknesses in your credit report and score.


It doesn’t seem right that you can merely purchase a tradeline and your credit score goes up, BUT IT DOES... When it’s done right, your score goes WAY UP.



Which ones will help you reach your goal the fastest? Should you get a couple of cheap ones, or one really good one? How many open positive tradelines should you have?



Should you get an age-progressional package?



We got you covered. All you have to do is make one phone call to start improving your credit report.

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